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Spotflux - Fast. Secure. Anywhere.

Spotflux was created with one goal in mind. To create a secure, private, and trusted connection to the internet across all your devices. By owning all the hardware, bandwidth, and code, we can ensure fast and reliable connections.

Spotflux works on all devices

Spotflux has optimized apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

Spotflux Works on All Devices

Spotflux for Desktop

Spotflux has optimized desktop apps for both Windows and Mac. Unlike legacy VPN applications, installation is simple and automatic without the need for manual configuration. No need to mess with complex networking setup and protocol configuration.

Spotflux Free VPN

Spotflux For Mobile

With optimized apps for both iOS and Android, Spotflux provides encryption and protection to majority of mobile devices.

Spotflux Mobile Free VPN

How does Spotflux compare to traditional VPN Providers?

Spotflux offers many advantages over a standard VPN. Spotflux utilizes a robust infrastructure built from the ground up to ensure fast and reliable access from any location. Paired with optimized apps for all platforms, Spotflux offers a seamless user experience that allows you to access content hassle free. Here's how we stack up against other legacy VPN services:

Logo Spotflux Low end VPN Providers
Technology Built and Maintained by us. No Third Parties Runs on Leased hardware from 3rd parties
VPN Speed Unlimited Restricted
Bandwidth Unlimited Restricted
Unrestricted Access to Content Unlimited Limited
Desktop Apps
  • Spotflux for Windows (XP/7/8)
  • Spotflux for Mac
Manual Configuration
Mobile Apps
  • Spotflux for Android
  • Spotflux for iOS
Limited Availability
Access Multiple with real-time geographic optimization Limited
Configuration Automatic Manual Installation and Configuration
Security Realtime and URL based filtering Not Offered
Encryption Strongest Supported Legacy
  • Web Based and Email
  • Fast Response
Limited Support